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Some of our customers prefer to schedule a one-time clean based on their needs. Whether they’re expecting company or just hosted a party, our occasional cleaning service gets their home in tip-top shape.

  • Home Cleaning Service
  • Deep Cleaning Service
  • Sofa Cleaning Service
  • Bathroom Cleaning Service
  • Kitchen Cleaning Service
  • Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Old & New House Painting
  • Grill Painting
  • Stacher Painting
  • Door Polishing
  • Full house Painting
  • In & out Side Painting
  • Pest Management Service
  • Cockroach Service
  • Bad bugs Service
  • Mosquito Service
  • Rodent Service
  • Termet Service

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All Cleaning Services

Not home? No problem! Our cleaning team will dust, vacuum and scrub while you’re out enjoying some free time.


What Rooms Are Included?

Daily Basis Service Cleaning you need every room in the house cleaned or just a few rooms-it’s up to you.

Our Quick Cleaning & Painting Packages Anywhere

Want quick cleaning at your office, apartment, etc.



Regular Painting

Life is stressful and so is keeping a Colourfull home


HOME Cleaning

Holiday approaching? New baby arriving?


03. Pest

management Service

Our maids offer flexible move in – move out


Car Fast Cleaning

Have not time? Fast car wash in your location


My Home Cleaned My Way

One rewarding relationship we will happily celebrate

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We are formed with experienced

Home Cleaning Service


Kitchen Cleaning Service


Old & New House Painting


In & out Side Painting


Pest Management Service


Bad bugs Service

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